Beta Motorcycles

Behego is official BETA dealer since 2012.

Having tried and tested the 498 4stroke model for over 12,000km’s without ever touching the engine, we can vouch for the quality of this Italian icon!

Why not contact us for a test ride and see for yourself?

In late 2012 Beta announced their new 2troke enduro bike, the 250cc and 300cc RR 2T models and we are very proud to have sold the 1st model 300cc 2stroke  in the Netherlands.

Beta_RR3002T_2014 Beta_RR4504T_2014


For 2013-2014 Beta has used their experience with the 2stroke bikes and updated many components on their 4stroke models too!

Check out the latest press annoucements here;

The 2014 models were well received at the press launch with some nice updates to the bikes, BETA listens to their customers (unlike others 🙁 )