Rally Dash

Rally Dash or RD is the name of a professional tripmaster developed and manufactured by TMS Products. It is made to survive the harsh environments that you are rallying in. It is designed for rally and enduro, especially for use on the motorcycle.

The Rally Dash measures the distance travelled and speed, keeps track of the rally time and displays the course-over-ground when connected to the ED GPS receiver or Garmin. The Rally Dash 4 can do all these functions with a sensor or GPS receiver.

The latest innovation is the Rally Dash 4W, there is no need for a cable from the tripmaster to the sensor. The wireless sensor detects every wheel rotation and sends this information to the tripmaster.

Connected to the Rally Dash are the power cable, remote, sensor cable and optionally a GPS receiver. The remote control of the Rally Dash helps you to navigate fast and easily through the menu options. Setup can be done very quickly.

While driving the remote enables you to adjust the distances traveled according to your roadbook or switch between the different information screens.

The sensor cable picks up a magnet in the front wheel. When the wheel circumference is set to the right value RD will measure the distance travelled and speed accurately and reliably.

The optional GPS mouse is a great fallback system when your sensor cable fails (which is the most common cause of tripmeter failures!!). The GPS mouse seamlessly takes over without the rider knowing!

The Rally Dash menu makes it really easy for the rider to adjust or check and of the settings, no more manual need to adjust, just easy visual navigation through the ‘stage’ , ‘speed’ , ‘CAP course’ , ‘time’ or ‘wheel circumfence’ options. Anyone can set up this puppy!