Rally Bike Development

Since 2006 we have been focused on developing the Aprilia RXV to a true Dakar contender. This started off by running the RXV on local Dutch enduros and progressed to developing a full Dakar kit based on the 2008 Aprilia RXV model.

Unfortuantely the Dakar 2008 was cancelled but the seed was planted and the Aprilia factory noticed the effort that was put in and the true potential of the twin cylinder bike as a rallye weapon!

After the cancellation of the 2008 Dakar it was time to sit down and rethink the approach to building a rally bike. Up until today most designs have been around ‘adding’ larger tanks (mostly aluminium) to a standard enduro frame. This design tought leaves a lot to be desired and Behego set out to create a simple, solid solution to the problem of using standard enduro frames. Why not replace the whole tail section with a ‘one piece’ tank?

First steps were taken when Frans Verhoevens team approached Behego to design a solution for his BMW G450X. With the lessons learned not only the BMW benefited from this design but it has successfully been replicated to Honda Europe bikes, Kawasaki, KTM and even Suzuki!

Some assorted pictures of developed bikes;