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Founded in the center of the Dutch Enduro and Rallye heart (Doetinchem, de Achterhoek) , Behego stands for innovation and quality.

Jos, the owner, can speak from experience! He has attended multiple Dakar Rallyes as co-driver plus running the Aprilia customer team, as well as being an attendee to many amateur rallye events in Europe and Africa.

Many people have seen and tested his work, without knowing it was his!

Some examples of his work;

  • BMW G450X rear tank design and fabrication
  • Honda CRF450X rear tank and fabrication
  • Development of the factory Aprilia ‘Tuareg Light’ kit
  • Aprilia RXV 450 2009 onwards rear tank design and fabrication
  • Aprilia RXV 450 2008 full Dakar kit design and fabrication
  • Innovative ‘light’ roadbookholder
With all this experience in mind, Behego has chosen to represent and team only with the best!

Anything can get you to the start, but to finish, quality matters.

In the other sections of our website you will find examples of our work and the partners we team with or give us a call to discuss your plans in person.


Keppelseweg 78
7000 AA Doetinchem
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-(0)654785327


Behego, Rally Bike Development

BEHEGO develops rally bike kits based on real world rally experience. To win a race starts in the workshop. BEHEGO tailormade rally bike kits are optimized for the challenging adventure off rally bike riding.

Rally Bike Development

Since 2006 we have been focused on developing the Aprilia RXV to a true Dakar contender. This started off by running the RXV on local Dutch enduros and progressed to developing a full Dakar kit based on the 2008 Aprilia RXV model.

Unfortuantely the Dakar 2008 was cancelled but the seed was planted and the Aprilia factory noticed the effort that was put in and the true potential of the twin cylinder bike as a rallye weapon!

After the cancellation of the 2008 Dakar it was time to sit down and rethink the approach to building a rally bike. Up until today most designs have been around ‘adding’ larger tanks (mostly aluminium) to a standard enduro frame. This design tought leaves a lot to be desired and Behego set out to create a simple, solid solution to the problem of using standard enduro frames. Why not replace the whole tail section with a ‘one piece’ tank?

First steps were taken when Frans Verhoevens team approached Behego to design a solution for his BMW G450X. With the lessons learned not only the BMW benefited from this design but it has successfully been replicated to Honda Europe bikes, Kawasaki, KTM and even Suzuki!

Some assorted pictures of developed bikes;






Our services


At Behego we provide many varied services, from one-off prototyping to full production. From designs and drawing to rotation plastic moulding. From standard motorcycle maintenance to full engine overhauls and rallye conversions!

Developed all in house or at your premises, all can be catered for!

  • CAD-CAM Design
  • Rotation mouldings
  • Aluminim welding
  • Maintenance of bikes and quads
  • Rally conversion

A small overview of recent prototype and development work;

We pride ourselves on being the best and only working with the best.


Next to our in-house developed products we stock and can provide a wide range of parts, tyres, oil and other consumables. Parts we have tried and tested ourselves and we can stand behind.

  • Michelin Tyres and Mousses
  • Motul Oil
  • Kenny Clothing
  • Leatt Brace and Protection
  • DoubleD Design
  • Super-B Batteries
  • TwinAir Filters and Oil
  • Rally Dash Tripmasters by TMS Products
  • MD Roadbook
  • Ultimate Racing Suspension
  • Haan Wheels

Contact us to see if we can meet your needs!


  • Beta 498 RR Factory, 2012

    This bike has all the right bits, right from the start!

    • Full Arrows TI Exaust
    • Marzocchi 48mm closed cartridge Factory Fork
    • CNC milled billet alu triple clamps
    • Excellent PHDS mounted handlebars
    • Dual Map ignition
  • Aprilia RXV 450 Tuareg Light <= now sold and to be run at the Australasian Safari 2013



    Who wouldnt want to own one of these? This bike ran only 5 days at the 2011 Dakar when the rider lost his way and had to abandon. Features all the right bits and this bike has been rebuilt, ready for your Dakar, Africa Race or Tuareg adventure. Spares available to support your campaign.

Rally Dash or RD is the name of a professional tripmaster developed and manufactured by TMS Products. It is made to survive the harsh environments that you are rallying in. It is designed for rally and enduro, especially for use on the motorcycle.

The Rally Dash measures the distance travelled and speed, keeps track of the rally time and displays the course-over-ground when connected to the ED GPS receiver or Garmin. The Rally Dash 4 can do all these functions with a sensor or GPS receiver.

Connected to the Rally Dash are the power cable, remote, sensor cable and optionally a GPS receiver. The remote control of the Rally Dash helps you to navigate fast and easily through the menu options. Setup can be done very quickly.

While driving the remote enables you to adjust the distances traveled according to your roadbook or switch between the different information screens.

The sensor cable picks up a magnet in the front wheel. When the wheel circumference is set to the right value RD will measure the distance travelled and speed accurately and reliably.

The optional GPS mouse is a great fallback system when your sensor cable fails (which is the most common cause of tripmeter failures!!). The GPS mouse seamlessly takes over without the rider knowing!

The Rally Dash menu makes it really easy for the rider to adjust or check and of the settings, no more manual need to adjust, just easy visual navigation through the ‘stage’ , ‘speed’ , ‘CAP course’ , ‘time’ or ‘wheel circumfence’ options. Anyone can set up this puppy!



Behego is official BETA dealer since 2012.

Having tried and tested the 498 4stroke model for over 12,000km’s without ever touching the engine, we can vouch for the quality of this Italian icon!

Why not contact us for a test ride and see for yourself?

In late 2012 Beta announced their new 2troke enduro bike, the 250cc and 300cc RR 2T models and we are very proud to have sold the 1st model 300cc 2stroke  in the Netherlands.

Beta_RR3002T_2014 Beta_RR4504T_2014


For 2013-2014 Beta has used their experience with the 2stroke bikes and updated many components on their 4stroke models too!

Check out the latest press annoucements here;



The 2014 models were well received at the press launch with some nice updates to the bikes, BETA listens to their customers (unlike others :( )

  • Roadbook Holder

    Home » Gallery » Roadbook Holder
  • Rally Dash by TMS

    Home » Gallery » Rally Dash by TMS Products
  • Aprilia RXV 450 Tuareg Light

    Home » Gallery » Aprilia RXV 2009 Dakar


Keppelseweg 78
7000 AA Doetinchem
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-(0)654785327


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